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Connect more authentically and effectively with your audience without trying to be someone you're not.

In my free Masterclass, we'll dive into the world of how authentic content creation can pave the way for you to connect with your kindred spirits -- the people who not only admire your work, but resonate deeply with who you are.

Building a genuine connection with your audience is the secret sauce for success. People want to know the person behind the brand. They want to know you, like you, trust you... and ultimately, choose you.

And here's the best part – you don't have to be a marketing expert or have some huge budget to make it happen. In this masterclass, I'll share five easy strategies that you can implement right away to make your content feel more like you.

Your brand is an extension of yourself, and by the end of this masterclass, you'll know to convey your unique personality and values through your content. No more stress about what to post - just genuine, engaging content that attracts your ideal audience. 

So pull up a chair, my friend... you've got nothing to lose, except wasted time on generic content that just ain't cutting it.

Lemme show ya how to put the "YOU" in unicorn. 🦄

"Alycia has sparkles in her DNA ... Alycia’s marketing skills are bar none, she lives and breathes creativity, and I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would about all things business from her. Personality is huge for me when I look to collaborate with someone - Alycia is not only friendly and professional… she’s funny, authentic 100% of the time, and not afraid to go against the grain to create actual magic ✨ Design, social media, marketing strategy, educating, encouraging…she does it all & then some."

Kaitlyn Cerrato • Operations Strategist


Content That Connects: 5 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Know / Like / Trust Factor

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If you've ever...

- felt disconnected to the content you post

- wanted to stand out in a noisy digital world without losing your voice

- wondered how to implement an easy strategy that actually works're in the right place, my friend.

A few things you'll learn during my masterclass:

5 Simple Ways to Include Yourself in Your Content

Each strategy I'll share with you in the Masterclass is tried and true, and they even stand the test of time against algorithms and changing fads. 

You're Not For Everyone, and That Rocks

So many of us fall victim to the idea that making your content general and “fine” will capture more people. You'll learn my trick for how to talk to one unique person when creating content – and in turn, grab the attention of more of the right people you’re looking to connect with.

Uh, Business *IS* Personal!

Somewhere along the way, we learned that you can't be personal or reveal too much about yourself in business... we're BREAKING that belief, because it's actually the opposite that's true!

People Actually Want to Get to Know You

Yep, it’s true. I swear. People buy from / work with / hire / invest in people that they know, like, and trust. We’re gonna talk about how that goes hand-in-hand with being your brand.

The "False Advertising" You May Be Inadvertently Putting Out There

This one is too good to summarize so you’ll just have to live with this tease for now. 

...and a whole bunch more!

>>> Upon registration, you'll also receive a custom workbook to use as your companion guide during the Masterclass! <<<

I've even got an  awesome bonus 
I want to tell you all about, so you don't want to miss being there live!

"Alycia has been working with me on all things brand identity; from the very foundational 'what sets me apart' to the very practical 'how do I infuse my brand into my marketing materials.' The time she has spent with me brainstorming alone has been invaluable.  When Alycia and I began speaking I couldn't even articulate what I wanted my brand to be. All I knew about branding and consistency was that I needed some, and didn't have it. She was able to listen to me describe my values, my goals for my brand, the feelings I wanted my customers to experience when reading my marketing materials or interacting with me online - and put it all together ... I cannot recommend her highly enough; if you're on the fence, hire her. You won't regret it."

Michele Dillinger • Online Educator

If you've had any of these thoughts, you're in the right place:

I'M not interesting enough

This is a big one I hear all the time. But can I tell you a mindblowing secret? You're wrong, my friend. You are special, and have a story to share. I'm gonna prove it to you.


Imagine if Pepsi said that about Coca-Cola. But seriously, c'mon now! This is a big, wide world. There is room for everyone, and that includes you and your story. And nobody is going to tell it or sell it in the exact way that only you can. Imposter syndrome is a villain, and we're gonna vanquish that b*tch.


Quick question: you started your business so you could make some moolah, right? K. Just checkin'! 😜 It's okay to be proud of your skillset, talents, projects, and achievements. But not to worry -- I'll teach you tips on how to promote your biz in creative ways that don't feel "selly". Be your own cheerleader. And if you can't, then I'll dust off my pom poms and head your way. Deal?

PS: It's ok to love money.

PPS: Alexa, volume all the way up... IT'S OK TO LOVE MONEY!


A: Yes, it's free -- and yes, I'll be showing up live each time, so I hope you can join me. Say hi in the chat!

A: Yes! I'll be there for a Q&A at the end, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have.

A: Yes! The first and second masterclasses will be recorded and you will receive a limited-time replay link via email if you cannot attend live. But please attend live if you can, because you'll get the most out of the live experience!

A: I'm 99% sure it is, or you wouldn't have clicked the link to learn more about what I'll be teaching :) Seriously though, I think you're in the right spot because it seems like you want to learn how to infuse more of your authentic self into your biz content.

A: Congrats to you on having some team support in your biz! I am confident that you (and your small but mighty team) will be able to learn from so much of what I’ll be teaching inside this masterclass, and you’ll be able to collaborate with them to implement many of these concepts!

A: Nothing that I'll be teaching in this masterclass is technical. These are simple concepts you can implement in your own way.

A: Hi! I’m Alycia Yerves – marketer, designer, educator, and nacho enthusiast. I also happen to be your teacher and I can’t wait to meet ya! You can learn more about me here.

A: My advice is to lower your expectations. Like by a lot. And remember: quality -- not quantity.

Here's what you'll also get when you attend live:

→ A custom workbook companion guide

→ A live Q&A session at the end to ask me all your questions and get immediate responses

→ Access to the chat where you can be part of the conversation with others in the Masterclass and contribute your thoughts and ideas!

→ The chance to hear all about that awesome bonus I mentioned... 

 A note from  me to you... 

I opened the DM. It read:
"You had me at 'nachos'."

And once again, my most-mentioned quirky marketing attention grabber had landed me another another dream client.

I'd love to help you find your "nachos", too.


Do you feel like there's something missing, but you just don't know what it is? If you feel like you've been doing all.the.things, but still haven't seen much of a return on your content efforts --  then there is a piece missing and I'm going to help you unlock it so we ensure your unique message is heard.

Deflated by creating content that does nothing for you? Yup, been there. But you no longer need to feel frustrated and jaded just from thinking about marketing yourself! This masterclass is going to help you easily create content that actually feels like you... and I know you're even going to have fun while doing it.

Over the years, I’ve coached clients and colleagues on crafting custom content strategies that connect with their communities and create engagement, increase brand awareness, and results in sales. An important piece of that is how we infuse the person into the content.

I’m gonna go there: Solopreneurs are a certain kind of crazy – and I say that as a card-carrying solopreneur myself! Like, why in the heck do we voluntarily do this sh*t to ourselves? Why choose this chaotic, stressful, uncertain path? I believe it’s because we are creative dreamers, determined to use our story / talents / passions to help others (and support ourselves while doing so!) I know that there’s a fire inside you, and you have a unique story to share with the world. Let’s go back to “your why”, and infuse that into digital storytelling to create content that connects with your people.

People hire/buy from people they like. People they trust. People they connect with. When you take the time to share the person & personality behind the brand and share the story of your business through your content, you continue to build that "know/like/trust factor" more regularly. They want to invest in YOU. Let’s show them who you are!

You are your brand. And you are what makes your business what it is. Be brave enough to be yourself, and you will find your people.

I just know if you implement what you learn in this masterclass, you'll finally feel more confident that you can post as YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF and not just copying others or doing the same ol', same ol'. 
And don't forget, I'll be there answering Qs at the end – and everything I share is backed by 15+ years of marketing experience and lots of happy clients (Google me if ya want to read my reviews) who are thriving off of these marketing nuggets of gold ✨

Pick the date/time that works best for you, and I'll see ya there!

Happily sharing knowledge & nachos,

"After the first time chatting, I knew my brand was in the safest hands. Alycia LISTENS, provides insight and creates a lot of fun in the process. Not only did I feel understood but she took my vision to greater heights. I call her the fairy godmother of my business because what she does is truly magic."

Emily Griffith • Life Coach & Owner, felt Write

You are your brand.

Alycia Yerves